The island of Kefalonia is the largest amongst the Ionia Islands, and the 6th largest in Greece. It is an island of huge contrasts. Traveling from one part to the next, this can be noticed easily. The vegitation differs from place to place, the beaches as well. Come to think of it, the only thing  that does not differ, is the crystal blue waters surounding this blessed island.

The people are very hospitable and pleasant, while maintaining a friendly attitude towards tourists and all other non-locals.

The Islands history can be dated back to the eons before Homer (at least 3000 years back!!) and archaeological findings go back to 40.000 B.C. Without any doubt the island’s most important era is the Mycenaean era from approx. 1500-1100 B.C.

Once you set foot on Kefalonia, you can feel the energy in the ground. Either hat or the minute seismic activity the locals have come to love.

In all truth Kefalonia is a beautiful, exclusive island and has rightfully been voted by europeans as the 4th most idyllic place to live according to Forbes Magazine.

The islands capital, Argostoli, is a city of approximately 11,000 people and with the surrounding areas (within the Argostoli Municipality) it totals around 20,000. About half of the islands population.  It is a city packed with bars, smaller and larger, night clubs that host reknown DJ’s from all over the world, cafés, traditional taverns, modern restaurants and countless gift shops. All in all, it’s a place where you can do or get anything, and we would be glad to see you there this summer.

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