In 1987 Stavros Basiardis and Bozena Bartkovska Basiadri returned from Sofia, Bulgaria where they studied at the Physical Education and Sport Science Academy. There, among the other sports, they became familiar with the non competitive sport of gymnastics for all. From 1981 to 1987 they participated with university groups in such gymnastics festivals. Adopting the philosophy of gymnastics for all which appeals to everyone without discrimination in all ways.  The summer of 1988 they started the 1st International Festival “Gymnastics For All” in Kefalonia. It was the first festival of its kind  in Greece and still becoming an annual event. Each year  receiving bigger and bigger acceptance and success.

Since then it has hosted thousands of athletes from Greece and abroad and it has been established as one of the biggest festivals of gymnastic for all  globally.

The support from the Municipality of Kefallonia, ( Community Corporation of the Municipality),  the Prefecture of the Ionian Islands ( Regional unit of Kefallonia), the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation (E.G.O.) has resulted in the increasing success of the Festival.

In 2014, the festival took the name of the Olympic medalist with the ensemble woman (Sidney 2000) Anna Pollatou and athlete of the local Athletics and Gymnastics Association of Eptanison, who unfortunately lost her life abruptly.